Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 2012 Hauls

For the last 2 weeks I've bought several addition to my growing collection. I guess I've already exceeded this month's budget. Therefor no more purchase from this day, well at least until i receive my payment by the end of this month :)

First 2011 HW DC Comics Series, definitely a great piece. Can't miss these two, a Joker's '56 Chevy Nomad and Wonder Woman's Deco Delivery. I'm thinking of getting Superman's '56 Ford Truck also next month

Then I picked up these two at the peg HW 2012 All Stars Ferarri 458 Italia and 2011 Heat Fleet '56 Ford F-100. Already have several  '56 Ford F-100, a great addition

These Matchbox also got it from the peg, MBX Highway 1975 Chevy Van and MBX Mountain Jeep Wrangler Superlift

I also lucky enough to grab this hot selling HW Batman 5 Pack from the peg, I was only interested with Bat Tumbler and Joker Bone Shaker.. definitely a MUST HAVE (for more detail pics of these please visit here: http://kownphotography.blogspot.com/2012/02/batman-5-pack.html) I think I'll keep mine in thepack for a while

Last I got these two oldies but goodies :) a 1995 HW Mod Bod Hummer and a (blue card) 1992 HW '56 Flashsider.. SUPER SWEEETTT !!!

Valentine's Hummer

It's Valentine day today, and everywhere you look its always Pink, the word LOVE, heart shaped everything, flowers and the list don't stop there. Therefore I'll post one of my tackies yet one of the coolest Hot Wheels around.

Its a 1995 HW MOD BOD Series Hummer colored in shocking pink with some flower pattern and the word Love.. the perfect combination between the roughest toughest car ever build with some tacky girlie theme

Friday, February 10, 2012

London Bus Collection

I've been a London's Bus (either a Double Decker or a Routemaster) fan for all my life. From the first time I saw it on the movies to my London trip back in 1989. I was fortune enough to ride a Routemaster but my (late) mother doesn't allow me to go to the 2nd level. They said its not safe for foreigner to take a bus upstairs on night. So we sat on the front near the bus driver.

From that on I want to collect London's Routemaster Bus to keep the memories alive, especially with my mother.
My Route Master collection
Here is my first Routemaster, bought it back in London in 1989. The paint its not in a very good condition due its age and also been played by my nephew, but as I said before a toy is made to be played with. Its made 1:64 by Seerol Die Cast, UK. Turns out that Seerol were originally produced by corgi in 1983

The Base: Seerol Die Cast Model
I also have these old Matchbox, they are not Routemaster. The Leyland Titan bus, its also in a played with condition, got it from ebay a few years ago

last I have these 2010 Matchbox Route Master bus, still looking for the red one. A Routemaster is destined to be in Red

Monday, February 6, 2012

Latest Online Haul - 06/02/2012

Just got back from work, had to took on a 1,5 hours ride with my motor bike just to reach home.. not a very pleasant thing to do after a hard day at the office. But it's all worthwhile, greeted by my beautiful wife and my lil' baby boy AND a box that was just delivered by the postman this evening.. just cant wait to crack it open..

It was a purchase that i made a few days ago from my friend Mr. Harry DP (a known collector here in Jakarta). I bought a few loose cars that he posted on sale in his Facebook page.

Here it is..
From left to right:
1. Hot Wheels 2004 Wastelanders Series '70 Roadrunner - Mint condition
2. Hot Wheels 1991 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy '57 T-Bird - Played-with condition
3. Hot Wheels 2000 '56 Ford - Mint condition
4. Johnny Lightning 2000 Water Works Chevy Cameo '1955 Monopoly - Mint condition

My personal favorite is the '70 Roadrunner with the "HotWheelsCollectors.com" tampo.. sweeet !!! Definitely gonna give some upgrade on this one.

I'll bet this will look even sweeter with a Real Riders Red Line wheels set.. need to prepare my tool kit for this weekend fun..

Owww yeah... its gonna be awesome !!

Next we got the Hot Wheels 1991 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy '57 T-Bird. Very nice indeed, a vintage beauty in a turquoise color, Black Wall wheels and its in a Played-with condition (chipped front bumper, broken glass) but this what toys were made for.. to be played with. Still a very nice addition to my collection

Then we got th ;56 Ford with the opened hood. Very nice clean and simple tampo. Again a very nice addition to my Ford Collection

Last but not least, we got the Johnny Lightning 2000 Water Works Chevy Cameo '1955 Monopoly. This is my first JL and I must admit that JL makes a very nice cars, well detailed and full metal. But after a few consideration.. I have decided that this JL gonna be a donor to a project that I'm working right now. Hopefully Mr. Johnny and the Lighting God will forgive me :p

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KITT on 2012 regular lineup

Remember my old post about the prospect of Knight Rider's Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) car in the 2011 lineup? It seems that mattel decided that KITT will be in the 2012 lineup - 2012 HW Premiere !! *HOORAAAYYY

Here's a preview of the car, I found this pic on http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/ (http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2012/02/novo-lote-g-da-mainline-hot-wheels.html) - too bad I cant understand a word due the blog is in Spanish / Mexican

Pretty sweet looking car for my view, but still cant understand what is that strange yellow paint on the back

TV Series Car
When you see the original TV version I didn't see any yellow mark on the car, just black.. maybe I need to get one (and FAST !!) so I can see what it is.. can't wait to get one..

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First customized 1:64

Cant believe its been a year since I last posted here !! Well its better late then never

Okay here goes, I've bought some more collection over the year and I also found a new way enjoying these small cars. Now I'm in to customizing, well I just started to.. my first victim is a 1:64 Jada Dub-City '47 Ford COE (well actually this belong to my brother :p)

The reason is this car is already equipped with a rubber tire and a chromed wheels and also it was bolted to the base using a screw. So I didn't have to drill it out or anything. The idea is making this Pepsi Truck into a flat bed wooden deck truck. So without without further ado here it is:


- Repaint : Flat Black (Pylox Aerosol Paint)
- Wooden flat bed
deck using ice cream sticks

Any comments or critics are welcome