Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Wheels 2011 Lineup Poster

Here you go, the complete lineup for 2011 (and yet still no sign of  #39 Knight Rider Pontiac Firebird) - Thanks to nice_man of Indo Die Cast for sharing this information

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Here's some posters from the past:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wishlist: 2011 Hot Wheels New Model - #39 Knight Rider Pontiac Firebird

One of the most highly anticipated new model in the 2011 Hot Wheels lineup is the #39 Knight Rider Pontiac Firebird along with the modified version of  2010's '81 DeLorean DMC-12; Back to the Future Time Machine. As a kid growing up in the 80's era KITT and Michael Knight was one of the baddest crime fighting duo around.

Up until this very minute there is no photos or artwork released by Mattel. Hopefully they made this car with details,  and ared light on the front hood (its a must!!). Hot Wheels once produced Charawheels 1/64 scale die-cast toy model of KITT in 2004 - Charawheels is “Hot Wheels” in Japan. This toy is very hard to find now. And I must say I am hoping that the 2011 Hot Wheels version is much like the well detailed 2004 Charawheels

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 18th 2011 - Online Forum Purchase

A few days ago, after got home from work I saw this delivery box in my room. I few days earlier I made a deal with a fellow collector from Indo Diecast forum to purchase some of his on-sale collection. Not much just some particular regular items that I need to complete my sets.

2008 Muscle Mania - Chevy Nova
2009 Heat Fleet - Jeep Scrambler (brown variant)
2010 HW Performance - '56 Ford
2008 Matchbox Farm - Ford F100 Panel Delivery

Chevy Nova
Just love the Muscle Mania - Chevy Nova, especially the color scheme and the thunder like stripes kinda reminds me of Cars Lightning McQueen

Chevy Panel
Also the '56 Ford that I've been looking for some time. I've already got the gray variant, but what makes the red variant more attractive is because the front engine bonnet that can be flipped open to reveal the engine inside. Also love the flame decals runs great with the Champion sparks plug decal.

HW Jeep Scrambler
For the Jeep Scrambler, this is just to complete my 2009 Heat Fleet - Jeep Scrambler set. Previously I've found the white and the blue variant on the retailer shelf, but the brown one is a very had to find so I decided to bought it from a friend (and considering that he gave me a regular retail price for this one)

Ford F-100 Panel Delivery
And last, its a Matchbox Farm - Ford F100 Panel Delivery, as you can see I'm a fan of old Ford panel / van truck. The rounded body line and the big bonnet looks cool. If Hot Wheels releases the chopped, street scrapper and huge blower in front - version, then Matchbox came with a more realistically standard version. I've always love a realistic / sponsorship tampo / decals and this sets really manage to deliver what I want

Friday, January 21, 2011

McDonald's Happy Meal - Battle Force 5

Just heard that McDonald's Happy Meal  is having Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 lineup. I want the purple one !! Off we go to the nearest McD !!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Wheels up for sale

If you guys currently a member of KASKUS Forum or happens to be just browsing the board. I have some personal collections up for sale

HW '10 - Muscle Mania - '69 Cougar Eliminator (green)
HW '10 - 2010 HW Premiere - Batmobile
HW '09 - Heat Fleet - Jeep Scrambler (blue) TRADED

all in mint condition and a trade offer is always welcome. Just simply click on this link

*if the link doesnt works just copy paste this URL to your browser:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hot Wheels 1:64 Datsun 510 "Bluebird"

I've always been a huge vintage Japs coupe so when Hot Wheels decided to add the "Bluebird" to their line in 2009, I was ecstatic. The first edition (HW Premiere) consist of 3 variants the blue, the brown and the black.

A few days ago I was blessed to finally saw this rare sight. An almost perfect condition of  Datsun 510 "Bluebird" coupe in Jakarta, the seems to have been abandoned for some times. It was left on the roadside under a tree on Block S area.

The car actually smaller than I thought, the 4 seater coupe only able to carry 4 adults max. There are very small space between the driver and the co-driver seat. And the length is probably around 3 to 4 meters.

Now back to the diecast. The diecast it self was designed by Jun Imai,  the details are close to 80% accurate but the diecast version is the competition version where they are using rounded over fender and using front bumper lips on the lower front bumper. Also the diecast version missing some detail on the mask-rear corner hole (22) thats why the rear view passenger window is wider than the real one after careful observation the hot wheels version also include this mask-rear corner hole detail on its rear pillar

Personally I prefer the 2009 design over the white 2010 (hate the blue rim) or the yellow 2011, the 2009 look much more "vintage road race car" rather the competition themed 2010/2011. Nevertheless it was a great to be able to collect them, but I'm still missing the 2009 black  to complete the 2009 HW Premiere lineup. To see the complete details about this car please visit this page

Monday, January 10, 2011

1969 Corgi Junior 1:64 Whizz Wheels - Super Stock Car

Today I like to talk about one of my oldest collection. The 1969 1:64 scale Corgi Junior Whizz Wheels - Super Stock Car.

Until this moment I haven't found any information about the manufactured / release year and photos of its original condition (is it came in a box? or blister?). It's made from two pieces of metal die casts (the base and the top) riveted and the interior were made from plastic. The tampos on the hood were paper stickers consist of "Checkered flag", "Autolite", "British's Union Jack flag", "Castrol" and some small "864" stickers in the back.

I do found out that there are 2 versions of this model, the blue base and the yellow base, but  all much the same. On the base there are markings "MADE IN THE GT BRITAIN" and "PATAPP3396/69" just bellow it. I assume that "69" represents the year of manufacture. This is what I love about vintage die cast, they are timeless and everlasting. I bet this is much the same as is it 30+ years ago.

I forgot how I got it but as I recall I bought it around 2006 from a friend of mine who found this beauty in a flea market in Batam. I've always have an eye for vintage toys and sure is I would miss this beauty when he told me that he's willing to let it go for a real bargain price.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First 1:64 Jada

I wasn't much of a JADA TOYS fan, aside from the high price, I wasn't a big fan of a "over modified" die cast, huge blink blink rims, road scraper. But I couldn't miss this temping bargain, all JADA D-Rod$ was on 50% price-cut and still in a very good condition for a 2006 edition. I was only planned to bought one but the wifey said "why not take em both instead? after all it was on sale right?" grab'em while they last :) she love the '32 Ford Pickup while I cant get my eyes off the marvelous paint job scheme on the '31 Ford Model A, it was an eye catcher. The combination of yellow and black with a thin line of white pin stripes really blow me away, while she in the other hand were astonished by the simplicity of the gray paint combined with some chrome accent and a "blink blink" huge rim.

Well built and well finished, it was truly a work of art

Love the 3D blisters, sometimes I thought that Jada spends equal time designing their blister as much as designing the car. One thing I hate about the bubble is they tend to bend more easily than a regular Hot Wheels bubble, but the all cover bubbles really help preserve the blister

Birthday Gift

A couple of days ago was my birthday, as usual I wasn't very anxious with birthday (which means that you are getting old and much closer to death ) but yesterday were different. My office mate sets up a surprise party with a delicious birthday cake (aside of the silly birthday song)  and on top of it all a wonderful birthday gift from my lovely wife and my soon born-to-be baby.

At first I barely have any idea what it is, it was well wrapped with Cars wrapper (one of my favorite movie of all time). After I open it, it was an die cast display (carded), I was previously talked about making one but havent got the time and the materials to made one. So here it is

After selecting which die cast going to the display, I found an unused nail on the wall and put it up there. The first thing that comes out from her mouth "Thank God I've only brought you one of those" seems she's not looking at the big picture where I always have this ambition of having my own (soon to be realized) "Sukmono's Wall" which will be filled with framed jerseys, die cast displays and movie posters :)

Thanks dear it was a great gift

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st Post, the beginning of a joyful ride

A few days ago as usual I was surfing the Internet looking to find some interesting things, after seeing some web-sites, forums, and blogs  then I have this enormous curiosity about having my own blog. Sure I had one talking about "my life" but as I recall the las time I posted there is in 2008. Really don't have a clue what to post, what to write, but now I decided to make one about one of my passion, Collecting Die Casts.

Well hopefully I'll be able to show all of you about my hobby, my passion, my collection or even we could trade collection. It was all started in the year 2000 when I was back in College, I spend my spare time looking around in a shopping mall right across my campus, I always have a hidden passion about toys so one of my favorite place is the toys store (it was Toy R' Us or Toys City if I recall) there is where all of this started. From just a single purchase runs down to a collection

This is a much left of my original collection, I used to have around 100 loose cars but this is all whats much left of it. I have a 4 years old nephew who you might say shares the same "interest" so I'm pretty sure that some of my missing cars ends up in his well-hidden toy box. During my early years I've always loosen the cars from the blisters back then I wasn't thinking that the bubbles help preserve the car details (as you can see most of the cars were not in good condition due to my nephew interestof "demolition derby")

So please sit back and enjoy the ride, if any of you have any question please feel free to contact me (hopefully I'll be able to include a guest book here)