Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upcoming Indonesia's McDonalds Happy Meals - Sept 2013

The word just in !! Upcoming Indonesia's McDonalds Happy Meals toy for September 2013 is Hot Wheels and Barbies !! There will be 4 basic cars available to collect

1. Baja Truck
2. Bad to The Blade
3. Drift King (yeaaaahh !!!)
4. Canyon Carver

pic taken from Happy Meal Kolektor Indonesia FB Fan Page
Update (09/09/2013):

Drift King is not available, being replaced by Twinduction

July 2013 Hauls - Hot Ones

Here's some new addition to my collection.. I just simply love the Hot Ones series !! The old BW tire looks great with HW original race / hot rod themes tampos

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2006 Hot Wheels Japan Convention Custom Car Show: Mighty Mavericks

Here's another of my collection Hot Wheels' Mighty Mavericks from Japan Convention Custom Car Show in Osaka Japan - November 18, 2006

There are two version of this car, one with Japan Convention Custom Car Show tampo on top and one without the tampo

The tampo version is the one that you can obtain from the event directly The one with the logo sold at the fifth official Hot Wheels® Custom Car Show, the non-tampo version is being sold on

The one with the tampo is produced up to 1000, while thw non tampo is produced up to 2000 cars

JCCCS Tampo Version
Pic belongs to
Mine was the non tampo version and also anothe non-hologram version.. again I assume this happen to be the same with my previous Convention Car the Olds 442


2006 Convention Charity Car: Olds 442

The 2006 Annual Hot Wheels Convention was held in Atalanta, Georgia from March 29th - April 2nd. Mattel issued several event cars such as

2006 Nationals: '63 Split Window, '68 Nova, '50 Buick Woodie and W-Oozie
2006 Nationals Ticket Car: '56 Flashrider
2006 Nationals Dinner Car: The Demon
2006 Convention Charity Car: Olds 442
2006 HWC Convention Car: Purple Passion
2006 HWC Real Riders Convention Car: Bone Shaker

All of the cars were produced in limited numbers. you should be able to see their number of production in the special hologram behind the card (mine was not numbered). The reason it was not numbered I assume that this is a production surplus which is supposed to be scraped after they hit the number (supposed to be limited to 3000 cars released) in some way the car manage to escape from the death row and find its way to the open market

The car come with this spesification:
Gold Chrome Spectraflame with Black Interior
Dual Black Stripes on Sides of Hood with '442' in Black on Hood.
Clear Windows.
Black Rear Spoiler.
Chrome Deep Dish Centerline Wheels with Real Riders Rubber BW Tires.
Chrome Front Grill, Both Bumpers and Base


Monday, August 12, 2013

Vintage Hot Wheels Ad

Some vintage Hot Wheels ad that I found on the Net, love to make a poster out of it and put it on my HW room

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Random Diecast Photo

A few weeks ago my wife have to stay in the hospital due to Dengue disease for a couple of days. My son and I stayed with her in the room. On the last day I decided to take my camera and play around a little bit with the window light and some toys that my son brought along to keep him accompanied. My London Routemaster Bus and 2 Tomica Dream Mario Kart.

To be honest I kinda like the outcome