Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Haul - 6 Oct 2012

Did some hunting a few week ago with my boy Lil' Babaw in a nearby Supermarket. Found some good stuff on the peg. The best thing is that they are having a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" Promo !!! Whoohoo !!!

Fillin' up the basket !!
And here it is!!
HW City - '70 Toyota Celica

HW Showroom - BMW 2002
HW Showroom - Ferarri 458 Spider  
HW Showroom - Custom '58 Ford F-100
HW City - Silverado Police
HW Showroom - Nissan Titan
HW Imagination - Ford F-150
I put the Nissan Titan up for sale and just within 30 minutes I managed to sell 3 pcs of them. The Titan was a huge favorite here in Indonesia.

Mayday !! Pics Gone !!!

Hey? Where's most of my picture gone?

I used to link picture from my facebook account. And it seem since facebook has change their visual setting most of the pics that I post here magically disappears.. oh well gotta find another way to host my pics and post it here then..

I'll try to fix my previous old posts, hopefully I can find some time this weekend

'65 Impala

Gotta love these '65 Impala.. I call it "the goat from hell" tampo.. from 2008 lineup

Still in hunt for the red one


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All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Happy shopping y'all :D