Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot Wheels Racing & Cibubur HW Competition

There is a saying "Toys are meant to be played". For me I kinda feel guilty, keeping those cars in their blister and not played them as they are destined to be. Remember my old post about having my own race track inside the house? (Hot Wheels Track 2-Lane-V-Drop) from there I started to collect cars that are known for its speed and stability. Meet my racing team: Team Babaw HW Racing !!

Well no Gov'nor or Noddlist or other high class race cars, just a regular mainline race cars (for starters). I really like the Cadillac V16 Concept, it runs pretty good. And also the yellow Chevy Tahoe.. very good in downhill racing.

Last weekend me and my little brother decided to participate in a small Hot Wheels competition which was held by Hypermart (a local supermarket chain-store and one of the biggest HW retailer) located in Cibubur Junction Mall
Kids trying the track before the competition
It was a straight downhill followed by a loop. For this racetrack decided to enroll 2 of my cars; 2012 Eagle Massa and 2011 '69 Chevelle (X-Raycers)

Babaw Racers !!
Tested both before the race, not the best car for the race but I'll give it a shot. I think Spector will do better in the loop but mine got a bad front axle, so these two will do. The Green Eagle Massa got no 1 registered under my sons name and the Chevelle got no.2. As I predicted this ain't going to be just a walk in the park, some serious racers also attend this race.. I saw several DC Comic Universe's Two Face, Spector and even white Gov'nor
The participants
Its race time, 24 cars and my no.1 Eagle Massa step up to the track, forgot the opposition but the first run was a disappointment. It fell off the track just after the loop, 2nd run change track.. The Massa really smoked the opposition. Then it came to the 3rd run, a coin toss has to be done to chose which track to use, I won the coin toss.. easy decision.. stick with the winning track.. 2-1 my son's Eagle Massa qualified for the 2nd round

Then no.2 called to the track, 69 Chevelle.. again forgot who was the opposition.. a regular mainline car.. easy race.. a 2-0 win
The Race
Then came the 2nd Round.. 12 cars; 4 Two Face, 3 Nerve Hammer, 1 Rennen Rig, 1 Red Bird, 1 Spector, 1 Custom '69 Chevy and our cars. Unlucky both drawn to face the race favorite.. Two Face.. both got smoked good.. 0-2 loss for both..

We didn't stick to the final race, due to my son is very sleepy. So after we loose we left the race. But I have a very good feeling that Two Face will win this one.. very fast on the downhill and stable on the loop.

Definitely gonna look for a Two Face to strength my team, we lost but we definitely had a great time and meeting new friends on the way... I guess this is what its all about.. HAVING FUN

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hot Wheels Nostalgic & Pop Culture

Mattel and Hot Wheels have their own way on spoiling their adult collectors. In 2011 Hot Wheels decided to give their adult collectors a trip back to memory lane by releasing their signature 6 cars per subject Nostalgic Series, which combine some child hood memoirs (cereals, chocolate snacks, tv series) from the 80s. Started with Hersheys Series to Hanna-Barbera Series (more on HW Nostalgic). In 2013 replacing the previous Nostalgic Series, HW released the Pop Culture Series which more focusing on TV series and comic subject (more on HW Pop Culture).

The card designs on this series were definitely a piece of art of its own. The cars were also marked as Metal/Metal which means metal base and metal upper body and uses Real Riders wheels

Here's some of my collection on HW Nostalgic and a Pop Culture which I manage to collect in recent years

2012 Hersheys
2011 DC Comic
2012 Hanna-Barbera and 2013 Muppets
2011 Master of The Universe (mind the NHRA Morris)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My growing Datsun 510 Collection

Its been a while since i post here, some of you might remember my early post back in 2011 about HW Datsun 510 Bluebird (Hot Wheels 1:64 Datsun 510 "Bluebird") well in time I manage to collect more of this beautiful Bluebird

510 info
Since its firs appearance back in 2009 its always been a collectors favorite. The price are raising high faster than ever. The 2009 set are consist of 3 color variants: Blue, Brown and Black. The black 510 is only available in the US market and in Gift Pack if i'm not mistaken. Whats why it is more rare than the other two, luckily I manage to find one even thou not in a min in blister condition. But the price are just right and I couldn't possibly pass it out.

2009 Set
Then came the 2010 set, consist of two color variants: White and Yellow. The 2010 came with a more aggressive tampo rather than the 2009 vintage racing look.

2010 Set
In 2011 Hot Wheels decided not to include the 510 into their mainline, but they release the fenomenal HW Vintage Racing - John Morton's BRE Datsun Bluebird 510 which was an instant sell out!! Its harder to find one than a TH$, even the BRE Racing web store already sell out ( the only way to find one is from ebay or the collectors store and it wont come cheap.

John Morton's BRE Datsun Bluebird 510
In 2012 Hot Wheels include the 510 in the mainline but it was highly criticized due to the FTE2 wheels design. But still a gem to collect

2012 Set
Hopefully HW and Jun Imai already have another design prepared, cant wait to add my 510 sedan collection