Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hot Wheels Track: 2-Lane V-Drop

Yesterday my 2-Lane V-Drop (2LVD) track finally arrived, I was so ecstatic! This is my first HW Track, I've looking for this track for months.. I wanted to have a 2-Lane drag track so I can play with my whole family, having a mini drag race competition with my son & nephews (even my wife seems to be interested!!).

Lots of parts !!

Crack'up these bad boys for my first track test - lots of FUN is on the way !!

(L-R) Custom F-100, Dodge Charger - Chevy Tahoe
Finally manage to assemble it and hang it on a door just like it was meant to, don't know but the cars keep falling off (or to be exact flying off) the track. Especially on the 90 degree drop just after the cars were lifted to the starting ramp.

So I pick up some of my nephew's tracks and assemble it with the ones from the 2LVD and make it a 5m drag strip !! Whoohoo

Using my old sit up bench as the ramp base, and a used cardboard box as the stopping pit so it won't damages the car's axles
Stopping pit
My 20 Months old baby boy having a Blast !!
We're having a BLAST !! Planned to invite some of the neighbor for a mini race competition, but first I must get my hand on some fast cars like.......*cough* Gov *cough* 'Ner !!

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